Monday, August 13, 2007

Save Time with

You have to check out this new website from Sprint - Sprint's new marketing campaign, "Sprint Ahead", emphasizes "Sprint Speed". focuses on how speed can save time in your daily lives by using shortcuts known as "Sprintcuts". For example, using a "Sprintcut" to peel an egg can add four days to your life. A Sprintcut on pouring ketchup can save you two days. And by starting your night calling at 7 PM (standard with Sprint service) instead of 9 PM, you can save 4 years of your life!

The website uses short "How To" video clips to demonstrate the Sprintcuts. Examples include how to speed tie your shoes, instantly soothe a crying baby, and chill a warm soda in two minutes. allows users to submit videos with their time saving ideas and to hear about new Sprintcuts via a text message and/or email. You can view all video submissions at You can also use a calculator provided on the website to estimate where your time goes by showing how much time you spend on your specific daily activities. For example, if you spend one hour a day "Reading Blogs", in your lifetime, you will spend 3 years and 4 months "Reading Blogs".

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