Friday, January 12, 2007

AT&T to Start Re-Branding Cingular

AT&T will begin a campaign to rebrand Cingular starting Monday, January 15. Cingular will eventually be known as AT&T, not AT&T Wireless. The service will be referred to as "Wireless from AT&T". Executives want to use the same brand for all of the telecom services provided by the merged company. AT&T now provides local and long distance, wireless, internet and TV. AT&T will launch national advertising to let customers know that "Cingular is now the new AT&T." That feature products will end with the Cingular "Jack" spinning or swirling to morph into the AT&T globe. Other commercials are being created simply communicate the brand change. They will feature scenes where it looks like the Cingular "bars" are being illustrated and zoom out to show that it was actually the AT&T globe. As Cingular begins to officially change their name, subscribers will be notified about changes on their bills. AT&T will also begin taking advantage of Cingular's retail presence and advertising AT&T wireline service in stores that are located in AT&T service areas.

About 2,000 company-owned retail stores and kiosks will be re-branded over the coming year, and employees will begin wearing AT&T-branded apparel in the coming months. Even sooner, Cingular customers will start hearing the AT&T name on Cingular voice greetings and begin seeing related messages in their bills. AT&T estimated that about 20 percent of the operating expense savings from its acquisition of BellSouth will come from moving the three operations to a single brand.


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