Monday, April 30, 2007

BlackBerry 8830

The BlackBerry 8830 is the CDMA version of the 8800 which is currently available from GSM carriers Cingular and T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint will both carry the 8830 starting this summer. Verizon will have it in May and Sprint is planning to have it available in June or July.

The device is a quad band device so it will be able to work overseas, making it BlackBerry's first CDMA device that will work internationally. It will also have a media player, a MicroSD slot, Bluetooth, full QWERTY keyboard, and built-in GPS.

Although Sprint will be the last carrier to launch the device, it will be worth the wait to hold off getting it from the other carriers. The reason is the phone will be unlocked from Sprint, while it is locked with other carriers. When traveling internationally with a Cingular 8800 or a Verizon 8830, you will be required to use the carrier's SIM card, meaning you will incur international roaming rates. Sprint gives you the option to use the SIM card of a local in country carrier, meaning you will be charged local per minute rates versus international roaming rates. This represents substantial cost savings for the international traveler. One caveat is that if you wish to keep the same number internationally, you will need to use the Sprint SIM card, incurring Sprint international roaming rates.

One cool feature about the MicroSD slot is it is located inside the battery cover. This makes it impossible to accidentally pop out and difficult to be stolen. The bad to this, is it won't be easily accessible, but security is key here.

Still missing from the 8830 is a camera/video recorder. Again, security is the reason for this.

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