Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ATT (Cingular) 1st Quarter Results

ATT reported their 1st quarter results for their wireless division Cingular. Overall, the numbers were good, but ATT did not meet analysts' estimates.

Net Additions = 1.2 million (short of analysts' estimates of 1.3 million)
Total Churn = 1.7% (drop from 1.9% this quarter last year)
Post-Paid Churn = 1.3% (drop from 1.6% this quarter last year)
ARPU (Avg. Revenue Per User) = $49.21 (1.5% increase year over year)
Data ARPU = $7.88 (51% increase year over year)
Wireless Revenues = $10 billion (increase of 11%)

Wireless revenue represented one-third of ATT's total revenue for the first quarter.

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