Saturday, July 21, 2007

Locate Family and Friends on Your Sprint Phone

Sprint will partner with loopt to provide a social mapping service that allows you to find friends, connect with friends, and tag places and events. The service is currently available through Boost Mobile, which is a Sprint MVNO. With this announcement, Sprint will be launching the service on its own handsets . The service will initially be available on 42 handsets.

Loopt allows you to see the location of friends and family on your mobile handset or from any web browser. Loopt allows you to set up alerts, so you can be notified when friends are in the same area. You will also be able to communicate with them through the application. For example, after being alerted that a friend is in close proximity to you, you can send them a text saying "I see you are in my area, let's meet for lunch".

As mentioned, the service is currently only available on Boost. It should be available soon from Sprint. You can still sign up early on the loopt website. The cost of the services is $3 per month.

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