Monday, June 25, 2007

Did You Know: Consumer WiMax Survey

According to a survey, consumers are looking forward to using WiMAX for responding to e-mail, reading and watching live online news, enjoying mobile TV and downloading music on the go. These are the four top uses customers see for WiMAX in a recent survey commissioned by Motorola. In the survey, WiMAX was defined as a new, long-range wireless broadband technology that provides secure, high-speed Internet access, which can be used in a fixed or stationary setting. Nearly half of those who responded to the survey said they would likely use WiMAX to read or respond to e-mail; 31% would read or view real-time online media; 28% would enjoy mobile entertainment, such as mobile TV; and another 28% said they would use WiMAX to download and listen to music. They survey also found that 57% of respondents think its important that wireless broadband services be available wherever they are. Other uses consumers listed in the survey for wireless broadband would be to e-mail videos and photos to friends in other cities, and watching sports replays at events they were attending live. The survey of 601 U.S. Internet-using households was conducted by Centris through a national telephone survey in May of this year.


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