Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A New Way to Text Message

Wouldn't it be great if text messaging worked just like email, where you have the option to reply to all recipients in a group text message? Well, has created a great Reply-All Text Messaging tool for this. With you can send a message to multiple people and they will all have the option to reply to all. This works great for making plans and keeping everyone in the loop. offers the option to send a group message from their website, directly from the phone, or from a Reply-All Text Messaging application you can download directly to your phone. Both the website and the application allow you to set up friend groups, such as "baseball team" so you don't have to search for every team member. The best thing about it is if you send a group text message to 10 recipients from your phone, you get charged for 10 text messages; but sending the same message using 3jam, you get charged for only 1 text message, since 3jam is doing the message replicating. even offers a widget you can place on a webpage or myspace allowing readers to send a text to you directly from your page. For example, send me a text.

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