Friday, June 29, 2007

Two New Katana Phones from Sprint

In July, Sprint will launch two new thin devices. The Katana II is the successor to the Katana launched last year. It is very similar to the original device - same camera and Bluetooth support. It will be a little thinner and available in 3 colors - black, pink, and steel. It has the same camera and still does not have EV-DO, but it will have GPS. Based on it's price of $50 with service agreements and rebates, this is meant as a mid-level device. (SRP is $249.99)

For the high end, Sprint and Sanyo are releasing the Katana DLX. It will be available in silver, pink, and champagne. It will be similar to the Katana II externally, but on the inside, it will contain an EVDO chip offering access to Sprin't high speed Mobile Broadband network and PowerVision services. It will also have a MicroSD slot and will ship with a 128 MB card included. Other features include stereo Bluetooth support and GPS. The SRP is $329.99, but the phone will be available for $129.99 with service agreement and promotions.

Look for the Katana II on July 1st and the Katana DLX on July 15th.

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